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Hi! I’m Stephanie, YOUR Travel Advisor!

I’m here to help if you could use some assistance with your travel arrangements!

Here’s how I work:

I specialize in crafting phenominal and inspiring family vacations and group trips! I take pride in designing amazing travel experiences and when you work with me, you get my wisdom, my access, and my design service from the time we book until you return, and sometimes thereafter. I am fully committed to my clients and providing experiences beyond your expectations. And, while I may not get you the best “deal,” I will get you the best value for your money!

That said…here’s my fee schedule:

Research/Booking Fee – $300 + $50 per day after the first 7 days for custom daily itineraries.

Stand alone flights -$50

Group fee – $500 up to first 10 rooms, $50 per each additional room

Cancelation fee – $50 per person

Payment extension fee – $25