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The Top Three Reasons Airline Employees Should Moonlight as Travel Agents!

If there was one piece of advice that my older self could give to my younger self it would be to always have an airline industry job. Or even make it a career. Whatever the choice, a logical side hustle to be considered is that of a travel agent! Talk about the best of both worlds! Anyone who takes up a career in either of these aspects of the travel industry tends to be one of wanderlust! As a Non Rev, you literally have the world at your fingertips! Adding all of the perks that come with being a Certified Travel Agent to that status only makes sense! And here are the top three reasons airline employees should moonlight as travel agents!

With you constantly posting pictures of yourself in some new place, on some new adventure on social media, there’s always a friend in your inbox asking for your best advice and insider tips for their next escape. (Am I right or am I right?) Well heck! No sense just giving away valuable information when you could be getting paid for your expertise! That’s right! Travel agents aren’t a thing of the past. The internet offers too many options and all sorts of people just like your friend need a little help navigating their travel options! I mean…you’re practically already in business!

Many of us see the value in having multiple jobs in the travel industry to double up on the travel perks and benefits. As an airline employee, one of the most obvious choices would be to moonlight with a hotel chain. The only problem with that is you’re too busy working your part-time job when you’d rather be traveling. A less obvious but exponentially better choice would be to start a home based travel business! This option puts you in control of your own time and allows you to work from anywhere AND you receive perks and discounts from many different brands, not just one!

Finally, adding a home based travel business to your tax status allows you to keep more of your hard earned money with the many deductions you now have access to! Most of your travel will now be tax deductible as it is now part of your market research.

These are just three of many reasons that airline employees should moonlight as travel agents. I mean, if you’re already doing it for free, you wouldn’t have to trade your time for discounts, and you could actually save money on your taxes, what could be holding you back from starting your travel business TODAY? When you really think about it…it only makes sense, right?

Until next time,

Stephanie J.

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