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That Time I Went to London to See Jay Z and Beyoncé for My Birthday

So, last May two of my best friends and I were planning a girls’ trip to Aruba.  You know, just a little three day getaway to kickoff summer.  And just as I was getting ready to finalize the plans, I was visiting a friend and her young adult children were home for a visit.  They are both wander lusters like me so we naturally started discussing upcoming travel plans when Mechael informed me she was going to London in a couple weeks to the On the Run II Tour!  What a crazy and fun idea!  So, naturally (because my friends and I live the #nonrevlife) we changed course and started making plans for London!

It just so happened that the concert was also my birthday week and I’m telling you the stars were aligned in my favor!  The flights were looking great…right up until departure time for my trip, of course.  The original route I had been watching and planned for, which was Detroit to London, dried up before my very eyes as another route that I didn’t think was even a possibility all of a sudden was!  Boston to London still had seats and few people on standby but I just had to get there.  It was surely boarding by now and my plane hadn’t even gotten to the gate in Detroit.  I got off the plane and ran to the departure screen and held my breath as I looked to see how far away the gate was for the now boarding Boston flight. It was Two. Gates. Over.  The gate agent was wonderful and got me on the flight and it was smooth sailing the rest of the way.  My mantra for the month was all things are working together for good in my life and I kid you not, they were.

Tina and I flew different airlines but arrived within an hour of each other so we traveled to the hotel together.  We got our Underground passes from the airport and ventured out to the Regents Park Marriott.  We tend to use public transportation during the day and Ubers at night.  I find European metro train systems very easy to use.  We were able to do an early check-in so we did, and then got lunch at Carluccio’s, the hotel restaurant.  Oh my goodness!  I ordered the spaghetti carbonara and it was the most fabulous thing I had ever put in my mouth!  I ate it again at least three more times after that.  After lunch, Tina and I went to our rooms and rested a bit and then proceeded to explore the neighborhood and ultimately ended up at the Swiss Cottage Pub.  It was a delightful night and also my birthday!  We had planned to go to Hip Hop Karaoke but the Uber flaked on us.

Jade arrived the next day and we spent the day sightseeing.  We did a hop on hop off bus tour and that included a River Thames tour.  In my opinion, the best way to see all the tourist sights quickly is to grab one of those hop on hop off bus tickets.  I often book those for my clients, as well.  We had dinner at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen, which is by the Tower Bridge stop on the water taxi, and decided to head back to the neighborhood pub. It’s always so much fun just hanging out with girlfriends and leisurely exploring a new city!


The early part of the next day was spent exploring the Brixton Market.  I was simply amazed at the interesting “cuts” of meat and fish that other cultures eat.  Brixton seemed to be the melting pot of all those cultures.  We had a nice lunch of Jamaican food and Korean spicy wings and headed back to Piccadilly Circus to grab some souvenirs and then off to get ready for the concert!

The concert was simply #dope!  We took a taxi from our hotel to the London Stadium which was great to get to see some other parts of the city as we spent most of our time travelling on the Underground.  We arrived just in time for the concert to start and Jay Z and Beyoncé put on an amazing show.  In addition to that, they dropped their new collaboration album at the end of the show and debuted the first video, Ape Sh*t!  I have to admit this was an amazing birthday weekend.

I took the train back to London Heathrow late the next morning and didn’t think my experience could get any better only to find out I was flying back to Detroit in the Delta One cabin where I ate good, slept great, and enjoyed every moment of it!

Let me know when you want to create more travel experiences like this one.  It’s a lifestyle…

Until next time,

Stephanie J.

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