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How to Position Yourself as an Expert Travel Agent

Expert Travel Agent

So, are you living the fabulous life of a travel agent or are you just working another job?  Because, you know, the life of a travel agent is pretty freakin’ fabulous…especially if you’re taking advantage of all of the perks and benefits that it has to offer!  And the number one benefit, especially if you’re a travel junkie like me, is CHEAP TRAVEL!  Cheap travel is the key to establishing yourself as an expert considering you need to “sample” the products to really have a feel for selling them.  And travel/vacation vendors know this and therefore offer us the opportunity for try their products for pennies on the dollar thru online training completion and FAMiliarization trips!  To really establish your expertise, you should be taking full advantage of these offerings! 

How to Position Yourself as an Expert Travel Agent-Tip #1-Do the Vendor Training

Many Travel/vacation vendors offer online training that is highly encouraged to better sell their products.  Many of those vendors offer free or deeply discounted trip incentives for you to complete those trainings as they fair better if you are better equipped to sell their stuff.  And, what better way to learn than first-hand experience!  For instance, when you complete the Disney agent training, you get free tickets to Disney Theme Parks!  Carnival Cruise Line offers a complimentary cruise with their Seminar at Sea  program.  Although it’s not just a leisurely cruise and instead a learning experience, what a great way to take a class!  One of my favorite brands, Marriott Hotels, offers their super low “FAMtastic” rate when you complete and annually update their training!  When you invest in yourself by completing vendor trainings and thereby increasing your expertise, you also win my scoring some really low cost awesome vacations!

How To Position Yourself as  Travel Expert Tip #2-Invest in FAM Trips

Now let’s talk FAMiliarization, or simply FAM trips!  You can score some really cool vacations by going on FAM trips!  Though you have to keep in mind that these are usually working trips and your number one mission is just that…working.  But as far as I’m concerned, I’d much rather work in paradise or having a new adventure than my home office! Or, any office, for that matter!  That said, you can visit some four and five star all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean for $200-$300 for a three or four night stay!  Sometimes, that price even includes a flight!  7 days in Dubai on a guided tour for $399, everything included but the flight!  Crazy, right?  If, you just so happen to also live the Fabulous Life of a #NonRev and combine that with travel agent FAM trips, you could establish your expert reputation in no time!  (I’ll talk more about the #NonRev life in another post).

When you travel more and share these experiences with those that follow you on social media, the people watching want to have experiences just like yours!  And when they get ready to plan a vacation, they’ll look to you to help them create those experiences!  If you’re thinking of building a travel business, I highly encourage you to invest in your expertise and complete vendor trainings and take advantage of FAM trips.  I’ll make a world of difference in establishing your expertise and creditability in your business!

Until next time,

Stephanie J.

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