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Featuring Xtremenasium Ninja Warrior Park

Are your kids fans of trampoline parks?  Mine sure are and so am I as a quick way to wear them out!  Locally, we have a few different chains and I had begun to think that if you’ve been to one you’ve seen them all-until recently!  My great friend Tina told me about a new one in close-by Clarksville, IN called Xtremenasium Trampoline and Ninja Park!  OMG! It was so much fun and we absolutely LOVED the extreme challenge concept!  She, Jade and I with our children decided to meet there for an evening of Xtreme FUN!

Clarksville, IN is just a short drive from downtown Louisville so Xtremenasium just as proximal as any of the other parks in the city but with way more to offer!  So, is it a trampoline park?  Yes, it is!  With the 20,000 square feet of open space there’s ample room to just jump if that’s all you want to do.  But wait…there’s more!  There’s the fan favorite of Xtreme Dodgeball as well as  Xtreme Slamp dunk.  There’s also a Faceoff Wall that is a see-through climbing wall that allows you and an opponent to literally faceoff in the ultimate climbing challenge!

Jade, Angelo, and Z!
Miss Marley in the foam pit.

But wait!  There’s more.  If you really want to test your skills and ability you absolutely must check out the Xtreme Ninja Challenge!  If you’ve ever watched Extreme Ninja Warriors and thought to yourself that it looked easy and you could do it…well, here’s your chance to show what you’ve got!  Easy is not the word I would use to describe this challenge!

Tina and Anya battling it out in the gladiator style foam pit.

There’s a gladiator style foam pit challenge as well as a wipeout arena.  There was also a smoothie bar to offer some delicious and cool refreshments.

Smoothie Bar

All in all, our children thoroughly enjoyed this trampoline park and I’m sure this will be the top request from now on.  I surely don’t mind since I can get a good workout in as well!

Are there any cool trampoline parks in your area?  Comment below and tell us your favorite! Also, check out the video below!

Until Next Time, Stephanie J.

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