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Doctor Fish Ocean Spa-Punta Cana’s BEST Excursion!

So, you should know that I’m one of those people that ALWAYS needs a vacation from my vacation.  As much as I like the idea of just relaxing or lounging around at the beach or by the pool, I just HAVE to jam pack my itinerary with stuff to do!  It’s pretty much a given that on any trip I take that I’m going to book at least one excursion.  And one of my all-time favorite excursion experiences is the Dr. Fish Ocean Spa in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic!  I’ve done it twice now and I’ll do it every single time I go to Punta Cana!  It is AMAZING!  If you’re going to get at least one massage at your resort while in Punta Cana, you should definitely consider doing the Dr. Fish Spa Excursion.  It is well worth the money. The tour company picks you up at the resort and takes you to the meeting place on Bavaro Beach where you start with the foot soak with the garra rufa fish.  They actually nibble the dry skin off your feet!  It is quite weird, I must say, but also a lot of fun.  After that experience, you move onto the boat where the rest of the excursion takes place.Once on the boat you will participate in a variety of spa activities.  Both times I’ve done this I started in the same rotation, starting with the ionic foot soak while being served fresh fruit and tea and lemonade.  Next, was the Pilates class which was quite relaxing with the ocean breeze while the boat was sailing.  After a while, the boat docks in the ocean and we sun bathed in the water.

From there, you get a massage by a massage therapist as well on a mechanical massage table.  Both are amazing!  There’s also a full body coffee scrub.  Once you get showered and get dressed, you return to the deck of the boat and lay on oversized pillows and relax until the boat reaches the lunch spot…in the middle of the ocean!  A delicious meal of grilled chicken, cous cous, and a salad is served along with wine.  After lunch, you return to the boat where you relax on the pillows and sip wine until you return to the meeting place.  And you do all of this for $160!I cannot even express enough to you how much I enjoy this experience.  I usually save it for my last day on vacation while in D. R. so that I at least end my trip with relaxation because, like I said I pack as much as I can into my trips.  And if you are looking for a unique excursion experience while visiting Punta Cana, I highly recommend The Doctor Fish Ocean Spa.  This might be the BEST excursion I’ve ever tried!

Until next time,

Stephanie J.

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