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Dinner in the Sky-Athens

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My friends and I went to Athens, Greece to celebrate Jade and Tina’s birthdays this year. It was a quick trip (I know…long flight for a short trip) but totally worth it!  The main event for this trip was the Dinner in the Sky-Athens experience. If you go to Athens, it is a MUST that you add this unique experience to your itinerary. It is literally a restaurant that is suspended from a crane with the MOST amazing views of the city, completely open air!  This is truly a culinary experience; an exquisite six course meal served 40 meters in the air as the Acropolis is lit up in the view! If we did nothing else, this experience was well worth the trip!

The Crew from left to right: Jade, Kina, Darnell, Tina, and me.

When we made our reservations, initially we planned on the 7:30 seating but there weren’t enough seats for our party of five so we were left with the 9:30 time slot.  It turned out to be perfect! We arrived about an hour early that gave us a chance to grab a few cocktails at a nearby pub and just walk around and explore the area before dinner.  

The Crew before dinner.

We arrived on site as the table was descending from the previous seating.  The music that was playing was American Pop and Hip Hop. I have found that to be the case in various experiences around the world.  Also, all of the guest at our seating were also American. I thought that was interesting and somewhat funny. Travel halfway around the world to have an experience with only other Americans…lol.   

We were greeted by “The Hostess with the Mostest,” Aphrodite!  She came with wine and she was awesome! We mingled with the other guest as we got situated into our seats.  You are strapped in as if you’re in a roller coaster, so it’s quite secure. The table slowly spins at an unnoticeable speed, you only notice that your view has changed.  And if you’re trying to get the perfect selfie with the Acropolis in the background, they will gladly accommodate you!

Me and Aphrodite, the hostess

Sophia, our chef-in-the-sky, danced along to the music as she prepared each course of our meal!  The food was very interesting, most of it was modern Greek which was all new to me. It was all very enjoyable.  

Sophia, our Chef in the Sky!
Melon Soup with ginger, bee pollen, and prosciutto powder.
Stuffed Vineleaves
Sauteed shrimp from the Koilada area
Seasonal salad
Slow cooked beef tenderloin

The temperature was pretty cool up there but, no worries!  They actually provided blankets to keep warm with! Also, I had one friend (I won’t mention any names *side eye*) that didn’t follow directions and go to the bathroom before we went up so they did lower the table so she could go!  Thank goodness because that could have gotten messy…lol.

Good times with GREAT friends!

All in all, Dinner in the Sky-Athens was an AMAZING experience and if you’re someone that enjoys having extraordinary experiences while traveling, you should definitely add this to the list if going to Greece.  You will not be disappointed! Tell them Stephanie J. sent you!

Have you had a Dinner in the Sky experience?  Be sure to tell me about it in the comments!

Until next time,

Stephanie J.

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