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Hi! I’m Stephanie. Welcome to my little space on the World Wide Web! I am so glad you’re here and I hope we have some things in common! I’m a Kentucky girl, originally from the mountains of the Southeastern part of the state but raised in Louisville (L’s up!). I honestly love it here! I think it’s a great place to live and raise a family for many reasons. Some of those reasons include: size, not too big…not too small. There’s a decent public school system here that offers parents and children some choices. Also, there’s a great art and food scene as well as many wonderful parks, good cost of living and no real traffic issues! And let’s not forget Bourbon! What’s not to love, right?

I am a busy mom of two beautiful girls, Clark and Anya! I’m also what you might call a jack of all trades, although I have spent most of my life working as a massage therapist.  I love practicing massage but it was honestly wearing me out.

Then, back in 2013 I decided that I was going to take my girls to Disney World for their next birthday as they are within a week of each other.  And just like that, I discovered my passion!  This was really our first family vacation.  It was so much fun putting together every little detail of the trip and then to experience it all play out!  It was amazing.  When we returned, I immediately started planning the next vacation and decided that I should “always be planning” my next trip because it gives me something great to look forward to.  But, alas…It was such a challenge to always try to coordinate everything around my work schedule.  And, as I was a self-employed contractor, there were no paid “vacation days.”  I had to do twice the work to make sure bills were paid and fund the trip and let me tell you, by time the departure date arrived, I needed that vacation!  I knew there had to be a better way.  Even though it took me this long to discover my passion, I knew there had to be a way to use it to earn a living while creating a fabulous lifestyle for myself and my children. 

My friend, Tina, then turned me on to a part-time job with an airline and that came with free flights!  At that point, I literally had access to the world!  The job was AWFUL and flying standby could be quite challenging, however it was all worth it!  There was still a problem though.  Even with free flights, travelling was still expensive and the bills still had to be paid so I still had to work my fulltime job as a LMT.  But what I really wanted was a laptop lifestyle. And something that revolved around travel. I had considered the idea of blogging and another friend had brought up the idea of being a travel agent from home and so I thought why not give them both a try!  And if I could use these strategies to achieve a lifestyle of fabulous experiences for myself and my family, and to escape the mundane lifestyle of work, pay bills, maybe a vacation every now and then, die (maybe that’s a little dramatic) maybe I could encourage others to do the same!  So, here I am trying to achieve this goal and you’re welcomed along for the ride! 

Stay Tuned!